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Meet Shannon

Shannon Andrews started her business in 1991 and became an Ind. Sales Director in her first eight months, which was the fastest at the time.   She debuted as one of the youngest Independent National Sales Directors in Mary Kay history at 32, in December of 2002.   Today her area totals over 3,000 Ind. Consultants and 85 Ind. Sales Directors.   She has traveled the world in style on the fabulous Mary Kay NSD trips to Switzerland, Bermuda, and cruised the Mediterranean to Italy, Monaco, France, Spain and the fabulous Greek Isles.   Her highest check for just one month is $25,000, she has also earned a place as one of the prestigious Mary Kay Millionaires having earned over one million dollars in commissions in her career. She has been married for 10 years to her supportive husband and best friend Glenn Andrews.   Her best business advice is to set your goals high and work with focus and determination until you achieve them.   Never ever give up!

Shannon Andrews grew up in San Diego, California as a fourth generation Californian.   She came from a long line of entrepreneurs.   All of the women in her family from her Great-Grandmother on were successful working woman.   Her family instilled in her the values of hard work and perseverance.   She believed from a very young age in the American dream and the fact that this great country was built on rugged individualism.

Shannon started her Mary Kay business after learning that in corporate America she would never be her own boss; she would work long hours and never fulfill her dreams.   She had originally decided to go to a university and study law.   Becoming an attorney seemed like an exciting career where she could really make a difference in people’s lives.   Needless to say, after observing corporate America, achieving a successful, lucrative career and most importantly achieving quality of life seemed impossible.

Shannon decided to veer off the corporate path and get back to her family entrepreneurial roots in more ways than one.   She had watched her mother Mary Kay Ind. Executive National Sales Director Christine Peterson enjoy her career, earn an incredible income while having the flexibility to work from home.  

“I was able to see my mother passionate about what she did.   She was in control of her own destiny.   She was not stressed out like other parents and always had time for me.   She never missed taking me to and from school and being involved with my horse and ballet lessons.   She was such an incredible role model.”   Add to that, a career where Christine has now earned over $7 million in commissions!

Of course, things are not always as easy as they seem.   Shannon started her business just like every other Ind. Consultant.   “We all start at the same place so we can really learn the business.”   In addition, walking in the shadow her very successful mother is never easy.   “I could not go to friends and family for my first bookings because my mother had already sold product and recruited every person we knew.   So she started her business with all the same reservations as anybody else.   This should give every person considering this business hope.   “Anyone can succeed in Mary Kay if they are determined to do so.”

Shannon has always had clearly defined goals in business.   She then set about putting together a strategy to achieve them.   That included having a strong work ethic always going the extra mile.   Her favorite saying is “and then some.”   The most successful people in the world work their business diligently, but when others quit, they do “and then some.”   In addition, working a business consistently is a major key.   When you consistently work a business over a period of time you will then see momentum build.

She also says to be inspired by helping others succeed.   When you take yourself out of the picture and help enough people get what they want is when you will ultimately succeed.   

Shannon lives her dreams every day.   Her husband and she both run their own businesses and are blessed to have the lives most people wish for.   “Glenn and I spend most of our days together.   He is my best and friend and partner.”   “I never set an alarm clock.   I don’t think there is any reason to ever be up before the sun is.”   She and Glenn have traveled the world extensively never having to rush back to a job.   “When you are able to spend 3 weeks in a country versus 3 days you really get to know its charm and its people.”  her flexible schedule in this business allows her to spend time in Aspen, CO, Fisher Island, FL, and San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. “I never would have been able to experience these amazing things had it not been for this Mary Kay opportunity.”

When people ask Shannon, was all the work worth it?   “yes” she replies, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”