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Success Tools

We will accept Visa and Mastercard payments.
Shipping & Handling $5 for one disk, $10 for 2 dvd’s or more

Christine’s and Shannon’s Schedule of Events along with the Weekly Events for other cities are listed under Calendar of Events! 


Individual Marketing DVD $25

Individual Orientation DVD $25

We have a new system in place that will allow you to call in and have your prospects listen to Christine do the marketing plan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  What an opportunity for those that can’t seem to get to an event!!!!  Shannon has also put her orientation on there as well with more trainings to come.  I’ve sent out an email with the phone number and it will NOT be posted on the website due to the limited number of lines we have available.  The combined Andrews and Peterson National Areas are comprised of approximately 13,000 consultants and directors so we want to make sure that only our people will have access to this wonderful tool.  If you need the number, contact Vicki and she will give it to you.  Remember, we will not be giving this number to anyone that is not in our areas to assure that our people are always able to have access to this.  Other Nationals are doing similar things for their National Areas.